Intellectual Outputs

The project objectives will be reached thanks to the following set of outputs, that will be realized and made available for free by all partners:

IO1: E-Coach Course and Skillset for Adult Learners and Guidance Operators – The IO1 will produce a set of didactic materials (in form of e-book, audio-book and MOOC) that will support both unemployed adults with low skills and qualifications and educators or guidance counselors in increasing the uptake of digital tools for providing guidance services. The output will also introduce a series of good practices and storytelling from all Europe, that will be included in the e-books and on the project website

IO2: Exploitation Guidelines for Users and Educators – This IO aims to validate the toolkit and the methodology created during IO1, thanks to two consistent pilot programs that will be conducted in all partners countries and the realization of two guidelines’ documents (one for adult education center/employment agencies, the other for adult users) that will support the inclusion and  exploitation of the project methodology in Europe. The Output will be implemented through a cross-fertilization and co-design process  among partners from various European countries that will represent an added value that will allow the spread of an e-guidance culture at European level.

IO3: MOTIV-ACTION Strategic Action Plan – The final output will consist in the exploitation strategy, that will allow the creation of a handbook addressed both at policy-makers and provider level, with a series of recommendations that will address both national and European needs and favor the creation of National Alliances for the adoption of the MOTIV-ACTION methodology.