Co-operation between OAED and online training providers

Since November 2020, the Greek Public Employment Service, OAED (Manpower Employment Organization) has been actively involved in the partnership implementing the innovative project “Motivating Low-Skilled Adults in Accessing Upskilling Pathways to Increase Job Opportunities (MOTIV-ACTION)” which is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

The project aims at communicating and promoting new job opportunities for low-skilled adults seeking work, who can improve their skills by making use of relevant digital applications.

Within this framework, the project partners present good practices with a view to developing the content of a training programme that will support low-skilled adults in increasing their competitiveness in the labour market.

The MOTIV-ACTION project is being implemented over a period in which the world of work has been significantly affected by the changes brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a member of the National Alliance for Digital Skills and Employment, OAED has recently embarked on a number of partnerships with internationally established online training providers in implementing training programmes for adults, aiming to enhance their employability and skills according to the needs of the labour market and placing particular emphasis on the digital and green transitions.

Conducted by means of either synchronous or asynchronous online learning/training, these programmes are provided free of charge within the framework of the respective providers’ Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.

Thus far, OAED has cooperated with the following training providers: Coursera – Education for everyone, Google Hellas, Cisco Hellas, Amazon Web Services.

  • Coursera gave unemployed people the chance to attend 77 online training courses with videos subtitled in Greek, as well as 3.800 English courses in a vast variety of subjects, all offered by such leading universities as Carnegie Mellon, Columbia University, Duke University, École Polytechnique, Johns Hopkins University, Imperial College, New York University, Princeton University, Stanford University, University of Chicago, University of Leeds and Yale University.
  • OAED’s first partnership-based programme with Google Hellas included:
    • free online training in Digital Marketing for 3.000 unemployed people aged up to 29. The online training programme completers received a relevant certificate by Google and were also given the chance to participate in a subsidized work experience programme related to their training.
    • Certified Integrated Vocational Training Programme for 3.000 unemployed persons aged up to 29, leading to four English certificates: IT Support Specialist; UX Designer; Project Manager, Data Analyst. The training programme completers receive a participation certificate from Coursera.
    • Online “Training Programme aimed at New Business Creation in the Digital Era” for 4.000 unemployed persons, with a duration of 35 hours. The programme aims at equipping 3.000 unemployed persons aged up to 29 and a further 1.000 unemployed persons aged 30-45 with basic business knowledge, so that they can create their own business and effectively promote it over the Internet. The training programme completers will receive a participation certificate from Google Hellas.
  • As part of its Memorandum of Understanding with OAED, Cisco Hellas S.A., provided up to 3.000 unemployed persons registered with OAED and aged 18+ with online training in the subject of “Introduction to Cybersecurity”. The programme was conducted in Greek on the Cisco Networking Academy online platform. It was specially designed for unemployed persons interested in working in the IT sector and wishing to specialize in Cybersecurity. The programme participants received a completion certificate after successfully attending the programme and completing the final examination and evaluation process. They also received a Digital Badge certifying the skills and knowledge they acquired.
  • OAED’s partnership with Amazon Web Services is focused on a new online training programme in Cloud Services. Addressed to 1.000 unemployed people registered with OAED, the programme primarily aims at enhancing the participants’ digital skills, particularly in terms of basic Cloud principles.

For further information, please visit the following web pages (in Greek):