Job positions based on the competence model

Using digital technologies and technics for career guidance, job search and professional growth is a part of the renewal of employment services and career counselling.

A good example of the digitalization of these processes in the field of human resource management and development is the online platform MyCompetence, developed by the Bulgarian Industrial Association, which offers competency profiles, job descriptions, assessment tools, e-learning resources and other specialized services for assessment and development of workforce competencies.

Until the development of MyCompetence, there was no digital platform that would provide the workforce, companies and human resources management with sector models and job positions based on the competence model. The platform is developed and tested in 20 economic sectors and 20 regions all over the country and then is nationally recognized.

MyCompetence gives information and provides tools what job market and employers look for. It offers the candidates for a job the opportunity to assess, compare and develop their competences so that they match the requirements for the job position in a definite sector.

The main elements of MyCompetence are:

  1. Sector models
  2. Competence assessment
  3. E-learning
  4. Economic sectors information

MyCompetence includes competence profiles of over 1300 key job positions in 25 economic sectors.

The selection and description of competencies is done according to the qualification levels set out in the National qualifications framework and also to the European standards and taxonomy of knowledge, skills and competencies – ESSCO, CEDEFOP and Europass. The platform also incorporates sixteen  tools which assess different competencies like Social competences, Team efficiency, Emotional intelligence, Motivation and satisfaction, Analytical thinking skills, Problem solving, Commitment to the company and others.

For example, the Social competencies test measures competencies like adaptability, communication, positive thinking, social interaction, empathy.

The Team efficiency assessments tool measures competencies from the following clusters: setting objectives, trust, working environment, co-leadership, problem solving.

Going through a definite assessment tool the person – employee or unemployed will get an idea about their strengths and weaknesses, their potential and, at the same time, they will be given recommendations what competencies should be developed and improved.

The e-learning sector includes 45 courses, which can help the candidate to develop their Effective workplace communication, Business etiquette, Time management, Digital skills and many others for a job. Each course at the end evaluates the success of the taker.

The online platform 

MyComptence serves as a perfect instrument for any person who would like to check their competences’ level, the sector and job position they best fit into as well as the way they can improve their knowledge and skills.

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