Project kick-off meeting

Recent times have seen a drastic rise in the popularity of digital tools in employment services, which use has been growing at an impressive rate of 30% annually. This trend of shifting traditional employments methods towards digital methods comes as no surprise as they have demonstrated their ability to offer divers opportunities for applicants, businesses, and digital guidance services.

Digital practices, if used accurately, could improve the accessibility of the job market, fostering effective service delivery. Nevertheless, to fully embrace the opportunities offered by such practices, it is elemental to guarantee full access to digital career guidance at European level, overcoming disparities between countries to efficiently favorize the diffusion of the good practices at different levels. Hence, the Motiv-Action scope of Work:

Inspire operators in career guidance to include digital technologies I their daily practices, enhancing their ICT competences, increasing their ability to use multichannel ling approaches while personalizing the guidance process.

Support adult users in understanding how to become more autonomous in the job search process, thanks to a more conscious and self-aware of digital technologies.

In this quest, a strategic partnership of 10 organizations from 9 EU countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, France, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Sweden, Greece) has been created in order to tackle the question and to consequently provide a set of solutions aiming to create equal career opportunities for EU-citizens, as well as fostering the improvement of the digital guidance services in the continent. The Motiv-Action consortium is composed by a European Alliance of Adult Education Centers and Confederations, Employment centers and agencies Career Guidance and counselling operators, Public Authorities active in providing Employment services and national and international networks.

The project activities have started on November 2020 and will go on until July 2023. On 30th November 2020, the digital Kick-off meeting took place online, with the objective of setting the structure for the working activities. During the meeting, the partners started by defining and sharing the IO concept, strategy and stakeholders’ rights and responsibilities. The partners also reviewed the guidelines document, and consequently approved a plan of action based on the objectives to be reached as well as the respective needs of the stakeholders. The guidelines were developed by the output coordinator IGITEGO, their aim is to enable a transparent and cohesive organization on each step of the projects. The guidelines include indications on all working activities, budget allocation and templates for the follow up and the collection of the practices. At the end of the kick-off meeting all the partners acknowledge the understanding of the projects implications as well as the quality standards to follow in the output delivery, hence the agreement of launching the next phase of the project, consisting of data collection.