Latvian Career Support Development Association

The Latvian Career Support Development Association (LKAAA) unites school career counsellors, careers education teachers, career counsellors of the Public Employment Service, State Education Development Agency and other public bodies, self-employed career counsellors, university careers centre staff, children’s and youth centre workers, career guidance counsellor trainers, psychologists, art therapists, social workers and other support workers. LKAAA have more than 100 members both individual and organizations from all regions of Latvia. The goal of the Association is to promote public awareness about the importance of guidance services to strengthening the economy, social cohesion and

personal development, to promote cooperation among guidance practitioners working in the education, youth and employment sectors and to provide professional development opportunities to its members, including through international projects with the aim of improving the quality of guidance services. LKAAA was established in 2009.

LKAAA are holding seminars for Association members to improve their professional skills, organizing career support conferences, inform Association members and others about current developments in the career guidance field, represent the voice and interests of the Association in the Latvian National Guidance Forum, participate in the development of policy and projects in the areas of economics, welfare, education, cooperate with enterprises to explore labour market trends.

Since 2010, LKAAA has been hosting European guidance practitioners and ensuring exchange of experience on the organization and working methods of guidance in Latvia. As of 2011 the Association has been sending its members on exchanges in Europe to become acquainted with the guidance systems of other countries.